Timberline Necklace

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With a truly artistic process, Wanderlust + Wildhearts creates unqiue and timeless jewelry pieces that speak straight to the heart. This Timberline Necklace is first sketched in watercolor, hand carved into wax and finally cast in antique bronze. As intricate as it is beautiful, the Timberline Necklace was born from mountain experience and cast into bronze. Wolves, moon and mountain come together and bring out our wanderlust spirit.

 Get the Deets:  

  • Intricatley detailed front and back. 
  • Textured pendant with moon phase, wolves and Mount Hood.
  • Pendant measures 2.75" length and 1.5" moon top to mountain bottom. 
  • Antique brass chain. 
  • Cast in antique bronze. 
  • Unique artwork from C. Keene. 
  • Drawn from a real wolf sighting on Mt. Hood.  
  • Wear alone for full impact.
  • One size fits all. 

Price: $136.00 from Evolve Fit Wear

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