AYUR Naked 20 oz. Bottle

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The AYUR Naked 20 oz. Bottle features a solid copper construction and a sleek modern design, adding a blend of performance and style to your daily routine. This water bottle boasts a shiny Smooth finish, and an easy-carry handle, giving you can't-miss style you can take anywhere! The double wall insulation helps keep your drink cold while helping to reduce sweating on the outside of the bottle.

Get the Deets: 

  • Solid copper.
  • Double walled insulation, helps keep drinks cold & helps reduce sweating on outside of bottle.
  • Threaded twist cap, with carry handle.
  • Copper is said to have many Ayurvedic health benefits.
  • Not recommended for hot drinks.
  • Shiny Smooth finish.
  • Holds 20 oz.

Copper & Ayurveda

Ayurveda says that copper can help balance all three Doshas through it's beneficial properties. Copper is an essential trace mineral of the body and is difficult to supplement in the diet as foods that contain copper only provide a small amount. When drinking water from a copper water bottle, the water absorbs the copper and it's nutrients. Scientific studies have shown that copper removes bacteria and impurities from water through it's antimicrobial properties. Benefits that have been studied include:

  • Improved Immunity
  • Digestion
  • Anti-aging
  • Skin, Hair, & Nail Health
  • Increased Metabolism
  • Arthritic Support
  • Disease Prevention
  • Detoxification
  • Balance pH Levels


Is copper safe to drink water out of?

Copper itself is safe to drink out of and is known to boast many health benefits. While uncommon, if you have hypersensitivity to any metals, it is recommended you check for allergies to copper prior to use. Do not drink out of a tarnished bottle, any patina should be removed before resuming use and proper care should be used to maintain the bottle.

Can I use hot liquids in my bottle?

AYUR bottle is not recommended for use with hot liquids and your bottle should not be exposed to extremely hot temperatures or left in the sun for a prolonged period of time.

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